about me

Thank you for coming across our store!  My passion for stationery design began by hand creating dinner party invitations for over 10 years.  When I began my professional career, I worked within the event industry for a couture linen company and soon enough began working alongside top event planners, florists, and invitation designers in Los Angeles and Orange County. 


All was so very exciting! I've gotten to travel, design trade show booths, and meet so many wonderful and interesting people who absolutely LOVE what they do!  And then as some professionals do, I decided to continue my education. My love for the hospitality industry as a whole led me to pursuing a business degree in Los Angeles in hopes of further pursuing a career in the industry.

Well, things took a slight detour and after college began a career in commercial real estate managing multiple shopping centers across central California. While my practical brain loved spreadsheets and budgets (I actually really do!), my creative side was not at all feeling fulfilled. This is when I decided to take a HUGE step back and re-evaluate my life to focus on what really makes me HAPPY and that was challenging myself CREATIVELY.


Once I started to dabble back into stationery design, where it had all started, there was no turning back! I decided to TEACH MYSELF all the fundamentals in graphic design, web design, and all the ins-and-outs of starting a small stationery business. I did not have any big business investment plan or go to design school. I just began little-by-little through trial and error. This allowed me to grow at my own pace, and truly develop my skills as a stationery designer. Until this day, I am constantly learning and refreshing my design. 

I LOVE learning, I love drawing for others (just like I did when I was drawing flowers, horses and the Spice Girls for my friends AGES AGO),  love watercolor paining, am OBSESSED with paper, and love modern minimalistic design everything.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. From architecture, interior design, photography, people, designers of the like.


When I am not designing stationery, I am exploring new restaurants, tying new foods, and traveling all over the world with my wonderful husband. I love my Frenchy Bulldog, Franny, and cooking! 

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The lead designer, Mary Ann Hoffman, began designing invitations and stationery simply for her own dinner parties. They would be themed and carefully curated for each dinner. She would even hand draw and write entire invitations designs with metallic gel pens! Using premium papers that she sought out at upscale party boutiques, she was able to create some exciting designs for birthdays, potlucks, and Christmas dinners. She realized that with paper and drawing being her most favorite past time, that it could be something more than just for her own enjoyment.

"Modest Paper has been a wonderful experience and has allowed me to explore my creativity in ways I never thought I could do. Being able to incorporate my artwork to paper is so incredibly rewarding and exciting for me. I thank my clients so very much for allowing me to create for them and to inspire me to create even more!"

Thank you to our wonderful clients!