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Blank Printing Templates


Below are our blank Canva templates for our cards and envelopes (a free Canva account signup is required for first time users). Select a style and size below and you will be redirected to our blank template where you can begin designing from scratch.

More templates coming soon! If you need a specific template, please email us.

STANDARD 5x7.png

A7 5"x7"
Standard Card Template​

Standard A6.png

A6 4.5"x6.25"
Standard Card Template​

a2 standard.png

A2 4.25"x5.5"
Standard Card Template​

rsvp standard.png

RSVP 3.5"x5"
Standard Card Template​

Arch 5x7.png

A7 5"x7" Arch Card Template​

Arch A6 4.5x6.png

A6 4.5"x6.25" Arch Card Template​

Arch 4.25x5.5.png

A2 4.25"x5.5" Arch Card Template​

rsvp arch.png

RSVP 3.5"x5" Arch Card Template​

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